Ancient Studies -- New Technology: The World Wide Web and Scholarly Research, Communication, and Publication in Ancient, Byzantine, and Medieval Studies

December 8-10, 2000
Salve Regina University
Newport, RI

Table of Contents

Conference Program (Please Use Back Button to return to this Page)

Deborah Anderson, "Indo-European Studies Bulletin: A Case Study for Publishing with XML and Unicode"

Alexander M. Bruce,"Web Design for the Average Professor: A Discussion of the Development of the 'Rood and Ruthwell' Web Site"

Deborah Mauskopf Deliyannis, "Running an Electronic Journal: The Medieval Review

Michael D.C. Drout, with David Dudek and Rachel Kapelle, "King Alfred: Web-Based Customized Tutoring for an Ancient Language."

Samuel B. Fee, "Optimizing Web Graphics for the Delivery of Archaeological Content"

Dale Grote, "RealAudio for Class Web Materials (or, Going it Alone)"

Irakli Iakobashvili, "GIER: Georgian Icons Electronic Registry"

John Lewis, "Pedagogical Uses of Information Technology in Classics at the University of Cambridge: The Response to Changing Expectations"

Anne Mahoney, "Creating the Infrastructure for Scholarly Publication"

Thomas J. Mathiesen, "Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum"

Steve Muhlberger, "Web Resources and Scholarly Readers - Post-Conference Summary"

Samuel M. Paley, and Donald H. Sanders., "The Assyrian Palaces at Nimrud: Digital Publication Projects and the Implications for Archaeology and Education on the Web."    (Please Use Back Button to return to this Page)

Amy C. Smith, "Digging For Data"

Edward N. Zalta, "Digital Workflow Concepts for Dynamic Reference Works"

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