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  • Leontius (AD 484-488)

    Leontius was probably an Isaurian, though origins in Syria and Thrace also appear in the sources. He had a military career. He is first heard of in 484, when Zeno sent him against the rebellious Illus. Illus persuaded Leontius to desert Zeno and then declared Leontius Augustus on 19 July, 484 at Tarsus. He had the support of Zeno’s mother-in-law, Verina, who […]

  • Rood and Ruthwell: The Poem and the Cross 

    About the  Ruthwell Cross  About “The Dream of the Rood”  Select Bibliography  Images of the  Ruthwell Cross  “The Dream of the Rood”: Modern English, Old English, and Runes  Links  This  site was constructed during the 1999 NEH Institute on Anglo-Saxon England.  My thanks to the NEH and to Paul Szarmach of the Medieval Institute at Western Michigan […]

  • Gregoria (Wife of Heraclius Constantine)

    Shortly after his baptism and coronation on 22 January 613, Heraclius’s son and heir, the one-year-old Heraclius Constantine, was betrothed to his cousin Gregoria. His fiancée was the daughter of the general Nicetas, whom Heraclius had recently honoured with the rank of patrician. Nicetas, Heraclius’s first cousin (the son of Heraclius’s uncle Gregorius), had been a moving force in Heraclius’s coup d’ état and by […]

  • AD 900

  • Topographical Map of Greece

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  • The Stemmata of the Macedonian Dynasty

  • Domnica Augusta, Wife of the Emperor Valens

    Domnica (PLRE I, p. 265), or in some sources Dominica, was the daughter of Petronius 3 (PLRE I, pp. 290-291), prior to 364 a praepositus of the Martenses seniores, a legion of the eastern field army, and later raised by his son-in-law Valens to the rank of patricius. Though the date of her marriage to Valens is unknown, it must have preceded his elevation as […]


    INTRODUCTION In the fall of 2000, I suggested to my student, Jennifer Meka, the collaborative production of a translation into English — the first, to my knowledge — of Festus’ late 4th-century A.D. Breviarium.[[1]] Ms. Meka agreed, and, after some initial reservations, I decided to take as our text the edition of Carl Wagener rather than either […]

  • Tetricus II (Caesar 273-274 AD)

    Tetricus II was the son of Tetricus I and had exactly the same name as his father: C. Pius Esuvius Tetricus. His date of birth as well as the name of his mother are unknown. In 273 AD Tetricus II was elevated by his father to the rank of Caesar[[1]] and given the title of princeps iuventutis. On 1 January […]

  • Eudocia Ingerina, Wife of Basil I

    Eudocia Ingerina (‘daughter of Inger’), arguably the central player in the establishment of the Macedonian dynasty, was the wife of Basil I (867-886), the first of this line. She was thus the mother of the two successive emperors, Leo VI (886-912) and Alexander (912-913) and grandmother of the renowned Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus(913-959). The dynasty which she founded, perhaps the most glorious in […]