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  • Patricius Caesar(A.D. 469)

    Patricius was the son of Aspar. Appointed as Caesar by Leo in 469, he was engaged to Leo’s younger daughter Leontia, though it is doubtful whether he married her. There are no known coins of Patricius. Most sources state that Patricius died in the coup, although Candidus seems to say that he survived injuries received in the attack. He […]

  • Euphemia (wife of Justin I)

    Very little is known of the life of Justin I’s wife Euphemia. Her original name was Lupicina, a name which may have been associated with the occupation of prostitute.[[1]] Certainly her origins were humble: as Procopius relates (Anecdota/Secret History 6.17), she had been born a barbarian and a slave. Before marrying Justin she had been the concubine of her previous owner.2]] […]

  • Valentinian III (425-455 A.D)

    Valentinian’s Early Years Placidus Valentinianus, later the emperor Valentinian III, was born in 419, the son of the emperor Honorius’ sister Galla Placidia and the patrician, later emperor, Constantius. He was the brother of Justa Grata Honoria. In the early 420s he was proclaimed Most Noble (Nobilissimus) by his uncle Honorius, but neither this title nor his father’s emperorship were initially recognized in the […]

  • Mareades/Mariades/Mariadnes/Cyriades (252 or 253 or 256 or 259 A.D.)

    In the course of a digression on a Persian surprise attack on Antioch during the reign of Gallienus (253-268), Ammianus Marcellinus (23.5.3) mentions that a certain “Mareades [PIR 273], who had inconsiderately brought the Persians there to the destructions of his own people, was burned alive” (23.5.3, trans. Rolfe, II, p. 335). A fragment of the so-called Anonymous Continuator […]

  • Imperial Battle Index

    Military Occupation of the Middle and Lower  Danube Valley in the late Republic to AD 96 The Military Occupation of North Africa in the Late Republicand Early Empire through the reign of Hadrian (A.D. 138) Augustus’ Military Achievements Imperial Battle Description Index Imperial Battle Map Index

  • S.-E. 1200

  • GIER: Georgian Icons Electronic Registry

    This is a short paper which introduces the GIER, or, Georgian Icons Electronic Registry. I am the voice only of the author, who works, as your program indicates, at the Academy of Science in Tbilisi, in the Republic of Georgia. (The full staff of the GIER are listed at the end of this article.) There […]

  • Eudocia (First Wife of Justinian II )

    All that is known of the first wife of Justinian II (685-95, 705-11) is her name, Eudocia, and the fact that she had a daughter, who in 705 was old enough to be promised in marriage to the Bulgarian khan Tervel, together with plentiful gifts, in exchange for Tervel’s help in assisting Justinian to regain his throne.[[1]] Tervel was given […]

  • Leo I (457-474 A.D.)

    (c)1998 Edgar L. Owen, Ltd. Leo was born in the Balkans, ca. 401, with different sources suggesting Thracia or Dacia. He married Verina before becoming emperor and they had three children. Ariadne was born before Leo became emperor; a second daughter Leontia was born in 457, and an anonymous son died at age five months in 463. Ariadne married […]

  • Eudocia, daughter of Valentinian III

    Eudocia was the elder daughter of the emperor Valentinian III (425-455) and his wife Licinia Eudoxia . She was betrothed to Huneric, the son of the Vandal king Geiseric (428-477), apparently in the early 440s. In spite of this, after Valentinian’s murder in 455 she was married to Palladius, the son of the short- lived emperor Petronius Maximus (455). When the Vandals sacked Rome […]